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Founded in Milan, Italy, in 2002, b-on creative collaborates with major companies in Europe, North America, and Asia. Since 2008 we have opened the Seoul studio to offer our expertise over multi-sectorial products categories towards the Asian growing economy.​

Our passion is Good Design and the development of all the benefits that a savvy design approach can bring to our world.
In our collaborations, we had the opportunity to interact and build our expertise with clients, projects, and goals from an extensive range of industries and boost creativity from project to project.
At b-on, we are a dynamic and flexible solution to the companies constant research for innovation; we are the tool for evolving their design language, design vision, and brand values.

Born as a Product Design studio, during these 19 years of b-on, we have been developing all sorts of products to improve the design experience and create new value out of each solution. We are experts at providing our clients with exciting creative explorations, more unique design languages, ready-to-go technical specifications, and extensive follow-up on tooling.

But a Design Atelier is more than that, and in almost two decades of projects and collaborations, all this curiosity expanded to two parallel design fields: Branding and Clothing.

Today we constantly provide our services on Soft Products, Wearable Technologies, and towards the development of complete Sportswear Collections. An area where thanks to our Product Design way of doing things, we have been able to excel and, at the same time to switch the attention of this sector towards a more exciting fusion of functionality and aesthetic.

From scratch or refocusing an existing one, Branding services is the second area where the Studio has been expanding and compared to traditional brand agencies inverting the typical way things get done.
In few words, we design your Brand the same way we create a Product, focused on how the mark fits your products' surfaces and how it interacts in the tangible world. The Brand "three-dimensionality" is our main priority, and once we have established it, we can extrapolate the standard bi-dimensional brand guidelines, that is, our change of perspective.
A Good Brand Design at b-on is a design that elevates the perceived value of the product in an instant just by placing that new mark over the object. Because this is a coherent part of the Product Design Language and plays with it, both the product design and the brand design take advantage of one another.

For its intercultural know-how among various technologies and design disciplines and the simplicity with which it can cross boundaries and reinvent things, b-on creative propose itself as a unique partner for all companies searching to reach out to the future with design.

Our Studio is in Hongdae, one of Seoul's most vibrant districts and a creative spot of the city, a lab to understand new Korean trends and a time window on one of the most influential Asian lifestyles.​
Feel free to be curious, and please contact us if you want to know more about our services and arrange an initial online presentation meeting.


b-on creative Co. Ltd.

3F 156, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu

Seoul, South Korea 121838

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The latest projects we have been developing together with brands & companies like KT Telecom, Orange Telecom, Sagem Mobiles, Vodas, Thermador Bosch, Magppie, Ghidini Cipriano, ETRI, 3M HealthCare, Mediana, Infopia, BCST Medical,

Some of our collaborations

Legrand, Bocchiotti,  LS Networks, Prospecs, Kihu, Millet, Salewa, Mammut, Kolon, Black Yak, Hyungji, Vitro, Catapano, DeRigo Vision, Police Eyewear, Sting Eyewear, JeanPaul Gaultier Eyewear, Pirelli P-Zero, Fila Eyewear, OGK,  Lukas Optical, Oakley, Luxottica, Bell Metal, Las Helmets, Acro Sport, Cavallo,  Kaesun, Softline, ITF, Lexon, HJC.

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