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product design language

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Design Language Concepts

• Design refinement

• Design Language Variations

• Application on group of products

• 3D Specifications

• ECO Materials Specifications

For the new Legrand line of emergency lights ECO2 the design has explored design potentials and developed concepts and directions for a line of products with the minimum impact on the environment.

The project represents how design can target the goals of making products eco-sustainable, ECO2 construction has been designed to be easily dismounted at the end of the life cycle maintaining each material clean from contaminations and thanks to that fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

ECO2 final design has multiple advantage for the environment, and also save money to final users and to the manufacturer: this new innovative product has in fact a very low energy consumption and since all its enclosure materials are fully recyclable at the end of its lifecycle it represents a big investment in future savings in the production of the following generation of emergency lamps.

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