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soft product design

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Concepts design

• Design refinement


• Final Specifications

• Follow up on Prototyping

The project regards a new category of sports backpacks for Badminton
the request was to make it suitable for sportive activity as well for common casual everyday activities.
We researched, analyzed and brainstormed around the main issue of current products out there.
During the initial stage of the project, it became clear that our focus should have been into the new way to hold and protect the rackets among all the other design aspects of the new item.

Subsequently several concepts have been developed and tested with quick mock-ups moving quickly towards our  final concept, a new innovative badminton backpack with  a unique solution that allows having a reversible pocket to protect and incase the rackets when the pocket is flipped out, while it acts as a regular top pocket when is in this everyday normal use.
The final design is unique and iconic in its overall transformable shape and realized with the use of technical fabrics that could perfectly match both users feels and needs scenarios.

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