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brand design

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Brand Strategy & Positioning

• Concepts design

• Naming

• Brand Graphic Design

• Design refinement

• Corporate ID Guidelines

• Brand Vision

• Branding on Product Guidelines

• POP design

• Booth Design

Bold Branding project is an example of how important is the the development of a brand for products and since b-on creative has and extensive expertise in this sector we used all  our knowledge in the development of this new brand from zero.

In the Eyewear industry the Brand itself is the Design, in this sector the brand is under special and extreme request of its capabilities to communicate and fascinate: first the branding  is very delicate since it plays out over millimetric surfaces of the final products, on top of that the brand need to be recognizable from a distance, it need to be gorgeous on somebody  face and it need to be very flexible to design  variations.

With this background of major design tasks we started the project with an extensive Phase 0 of research and analysis to come up with best strategies to position our new brand in a very crowded market, to which followed a long work to build and visualize the brand values and give to it a unique persona.

Still without a real Name the "new brand"  was at that point clear in its intentions, we aimed to a Sunglasses Asian Market of young people and for that reason with limitation in the lenses curvatures, a group of users with the will to express themselves, stand out from the crowd with large frames and iconic design.

The project then moved on with Naming activities, exploring and designing new names that would perfectly define the new thing we had in mind; we went from the initial 400+ concepts for the name down to 40 first then 10 and finally to the last one, the one that only could perfectly convey the sense of Brave, Courageous, Unisex, Thick, Strong, Alternative and Younger, Stable, Large, Intense, Solid, Sturdy, Well built, Powerful  lifestyle  that we want to communicate, and that final name was "BOLD".

Four letters that instantly collects in it all the brand Values we were working on , ideal length for Eyewear branding with only 4 types  heavily planted on the background 4 types that  combined together gives the sense on something well determined, familiar and at the same time very new.

After the Sounds & Pronunciation checking in different languages we moved ahead in the third part of the project were we brainstorm around the new name and begin to visualize what this thing was, in terms of Values, Design codes, and initial Vision for a Collection.

At this stage the combination of the Bold brand with the strong iconic mask of a gorilla becomes the best concepts to proceed with further on in the initial graphic design of the lettering and logotypes.

The Gorilla Mask with its  Binoculars Eyed shape becomes the new Logo and dedicated pattern and logos variations were developed as well with the same Gorilla design in order to build a platform of branding design possibilities that would allow in the future a much easier work to the design of the collections and refreshing it season by season.

The final bouquet of brand consisted of 7 types of combination to be added to the Main BOLD Brand all of which had been tested over the products in real size and  previewed over a Vision of a BOLD Collection.

That Brand activities for b-on creative is fundamental since we are not creating brand just for 2D applications but all the brands we develop are always designed to be part of the final product, if that is achieved successfully the use of the brand on paper and other commercial material will work as well,. the opposite approach instead of developing a brand for Corporate ID tools like websites cards etc never gives good results over a production line.


In this last stage b-on is able to provide a client with a clear vision on its future collection giving him with the New Brand also the strategy to build the collections and the Guidelines on how to use and do the branding on the various types of frames and materials available within their Brand Strategy.

Bold strategy was to have a collection that would be composed by 80% of timeless design and a 20% of exaggerated design to create trends and reinforce the communication for the unique brand values.

We provided in this project also a last activity where we design a unique Booth for trade-shows with the distinctive appeal and design language of the BOLD brand, simple and iconic something outstanding from the crowd even if using a limited floor surface; and with that last leg of the project also b-on creative developed all support material for the promotion like POP and uniforms.

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