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brand vision & product design

Design Factors:

​• Research and Analysis

• Brand Strategy

• Brand Vision

• Design Guidelines

• Concepts design

• Design refinement

• Pre-engineering

• Collection Design

Definitive and distinctive the Aires Bicycle creates a new class of product in the Bicycle market.

With this project b-on creative have been exploring alternative opportunities to revive a sector way too mature to leave any space for new challenges, where design costs for innovative solutions cannot be handled in a fierce competition to fight  for the lowest  price.

From our research and analysis was evident that this sector was lacking of offers in  the hi-end segment of fashionable 2 wheels, and the few exploring this area where doing it in the most conservative way possible, repeating classic frames and embellishing them with precious materials and finishes.

The Aires concept was created with a different approach, a Luxury Brand with hi-end design uniqueness, offering to its customers an intriguing  opportunity to clearly distinguish themselves and with a fascinating smooth interaction in its portfolio of  the bicycles  and the  bags sector.


Once the Strategy for the Brand was defined b-on creative moved on with the design development of the Brand firstly with Naming activities: the Aires name was finally chosen for its positive sound and outdoor lifestyle meanings into it: AIRES has a sound value HI-RES  | AI-RES, Hi resolution, Hi quality, Hi standard. but also something light; something with hi quality and technical layout since Aires in Latin Languages and English as well gives or remind the meaning of AIR.

A smooth contrast between  ethereal & material, with Elegance Lightness and

Pureness in its core value.

After Brand Values and Brand Identity were defined it was time for the product design of the Aires Bicycle and Bags collection: from initial concept to the final pre-engineering of all the designs.

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