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design vision

Educational  Creativity in a toy car.


3-7 years old

it has a soft core and all the edges of the product made in EVA and the exterior is made of a layer white cardboard put together with a patented system that allow and easy snap assembling of the full 3D car from a flat sheet of material.

Child creativity advantages: full formation with creative intelligence to compensate the typical mnemonic intelligence thought at regular schools

Develop the full brain potentials


Creativity teach how to create own language own expression and communication towards the others

Self expression


The stimulus to creativity is the obstacle, the problem that generates the will to overtake it and solve the issues

Problem solving


The child becomes free to imagine decide select and make things away from parents directions

Auto determination


Creativity make the child curios to experiment and eager to learn new way to make things better

Activity/Manual ability


The child can recognize himself in the objects of his own creativity

Self control/Confidence


Creativity requires lots of energy and it is high caloric consume


“Learning and imagination becomes real tridimensionality experience”

Material: 100% Cardboard


Style: Design Simple Clear Open


Assembling: DIY Flat folded


Play-ability: Color and Race

“The Object is the white board to draw on” Kids needs to discover the world expressing himself on it, drawing on it.


Need for the child to draw big, to be free from the limited space of a page.


Child full expression

•Free the child creativity from inhibition, draw on a big white object

•Importance of the experience, transforming intellectual learning into action

Big Box Effect


•Sensation of being inside (Uterus effect) alone and protected.

• Create a special space, separated from parents world, possibility to listen his interior world

•Imagine and build with fantasy different worlds


•Child build Independence and form a sense of identity

•Build child Self consciousness and self esteem

Dream and imagination

•Immediately playable

•Very quick and basic assembly method

•Transformable from 3D to flat and vice versa anytime

•Assembling or coloring process is not mandatory to have fun

•The toy becomes more and more playable with time as creativity raises

•Is an open toy that open to imaginary worlds

•Is a game that makes socialize


Playable 150% because once reached a good level of design skills the toy can be completely modified in the way is made!

Large toys




Precious effect


Care to maintain and preserve the toy


Representation of already existing stuff




Barrier to child expressiveness


The fun is only within given boundaries and rules 


Limited play-ability

Rules comes from the top down


Creativity largely discouraged


Relation child parents could be of control and restrictive





No precious effect




White board


No barrier No limits


Suggest but not impose


Fun from curiosity


Creative opening


Free child expressivities


Rules are discovered and created by the child, independently


Rules by experience and not by imposition


Create a collaboration pro creative between the child and the adult

Concept advantages  Expressing and building personality

Large Toy

Precious and delicate


“Be careful don't ruin it..”




Fence sitting





Sturdiness and disposable


“Son let me see what you can do..”


Self confidence


Open minded

Individual Skills


Collection First Series


Sport car

4 door car



Plane Classic

Semi Truck



Sets of reposition able stickers could be sold within the package or as well special extra collections could be created and sold separated

Technical aspects Behind simplicity  Embossed lines  for suggestion, to simplify the hardest part to color, the circle and wheels.


The black line on the edge could be made with a rubber coating in order to guarantee higher safety*


*in case the prototypes will show an issue there

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Concepts design

• Users testing

• Design refinement

• Pre-engineering

• Follow up on Prototyping

• Patenting

Brand Design Language  

“Mark  the Land around you” is the intended Kihu original fitness/outdoor concept and it is the most primal gesture of reconnecting with the landscape. Thick boundaries lines and naturally shaped shadows define a language that makes feel at the same time young, iconic, light and technical. We have been developing from zero the total Brand Design Identity as well taking care of the design for season collections, directly designing the sportswear, shoes and accessories lines. 

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