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brand design

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Brand Strategy

• Brand Vision

• Brand Concepts

• Graphic Design refinement

• Branding on Product Guidelines

With the new "Y" logo b-on creative developed for Black Yak its new image in the Minimal Technical Design business field shifting the original Brand value in a new direction of performance for lifestyle.

Together with the brand the collection Design Language  have been developed with thoughtful exploration of the brand flexibility and variations items to items.

The new "Y" logo concept is build around the original Black Yak brand logo and is acting like a futuristic replacement of it, replacing in a ghost branding operation the well know outdoor iconic yak head.
In the original Black Yak logotype the “K” as well the ”Y” communicates acoustic sound and visual perception of precision and determination, it is a duality, the composition of the 2 words Black and Yak that when put together provides a sense of balance and dichotomy, a split that graphically defines the original brand logo and that b-on  embedded in the new design language for  the  "Y" logo.

Reinterpreted in its essence the “Y” the shape becomes the of the replacing element of the yak head, simplifying the the original colors breaking made with black, white and red in a a minimal tech specular mark with  that  stands out in a mono color.

The origin of the "Y" logo has its evolutionary genesis in the  new Extreme Paths design concept developed in the first step of the project, where the 2 shapes are meant to represent the different paths manageable in the hike for the summit of a mountain.

The combination of the 2 signs makes it iconic and tech and at the same time very  adaptable to each style maintaining main proportions and as well playing with its design language to create design elements or the apparel itself.

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