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product design

Design Factors:

• User understanding

• Concept Design

• Design Refinement


• Pre-engineering

• Follow up on Prototyping

• Final Product

The research and design development for the new Mediana Pulse Oxymeter have been focus on all the aspects of a medical device, bringing to life a sturdy minimal design, hygienic and easy to clean, with new unique cable management solution that safely integrates multiple connectors inside the object.

The design of the product was focus on both sides of the users, the doctors on one side and the patients on the other.

We develop design Medical Analyzers concepts that could suit that effort to make the product efficiently bettering the doctor routines making it easy to operate from the interface to the connectors easy to handle and clean, with a reliable look and solid deign appeal, a design message that that would convey towards the other side of the usability spectrum, the patients, a great sense of trust, effective and painless view of the item pointed at them. 

The final design was as well pre-engineered in all its components and then pass trough the client engineering team.

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