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product design

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Concepts design

• Design refinement

• Pre-engineering

• Follow up on Prototyping

Pocket size portable HDD designed for Mooha Digital.

Simplicity and pureness of the shape wrapped around dynamic intersection of cutting lines.

Rubber skin over-molded design.

The project initiated over a large research on the HDD market in order to understand the opportunities available at time.

Vodas Brand as a new comer into this field was unsure about the product position and overall design strategy.

It becomes clear that in the crowded sector of lowest prices higher memories the only chance for a new company was to position itself in the highest areas of the market where the margins could be still and where design is the key factor for a purchase.

We developed initial layout of the internal components in order to achieve the best out of the in terms of performance safety and overall size factors.

Three main iconic designs combining a remote control and a HDD were developed during the first phase of the project.

Vertigo with its simplicity minimal dynamic cooling cuts was then selected and refined, CMF collection were created as well.

B-on was responsible also for the pre-engineering of the product one the prototypes that brought the project to production in the following phases of design activities.

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