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product design language

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Design Language Concepts

• Design refinement

• Design Language Variations

• Application on group of products

• 3D Specifications

The Legrand family of wiring boxes project was started with the intent to redefine a new design identity for the Legrand brand suitable to the various scenarios of applications of their large products catalog.

large part of the project was focus on the research and analysis of final installation environments and installation process.

Based on those findings were developed the initial 6 design language directions to explore further the appropriate way to manage the complexity of the project requirements.

Once the direction EYE was finally selected we developed the further variations of the new design identity into subcategories of products, were the same element of the original recipe were remixed together in different flavors in order to create the needed distinction between different typology of wiring boxes (IP66, residential, Industrial and so on).

Special care was also put in the inner panel with new solution to mark and organize the switches panel control.

final part of the work was the mathematical development of each of the design for each of the boxes in each of the 5 subfamilies and pass the final design information to our client.

The design language is Minimal and flexible for different application, the EYE shape that is the focus of the object intent to ionize a product usually in the way into something smaller compact more technological smarter, providing so a unique identity to the whole Legrand family of wiring boxes and a strong recognizability for purchases online or trough installers catalogs.

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