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product design

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Concepts design

• Design refinement

• Pre-engineering

• Follow up on Prototyping

Imagine you could take a chunk out of a cloud cut it nicely and square it on all its sides, like a piece of cake, touch it and get out music from it.

The Bubble project started with the request from the client to develop a very unique design for their new portable mini speakers, the intent to make it a design icon and a gift type of product.

The project went trough the usual initial stage of rational understand and analysis of the contest market competitors everything that was out there and next up to come all that confirmed the initial brief direction for a niche type of design.

The brainstorming and sketching was then taking place to all data and transforming that in emotional design solution, things that people would love to have and would sparkle a smile at purchase point.

The bubble final design and naming of the product was a perfect contrast between minimalism and natural complexity between the rigid straight sidewalls and the dynamic upper and lower surface, a tiny 10x6x6 cm piece of technology simple and full of energy..

The project specifications included CMF and the pre-engineering of the products with all its variations and different options for connectivity and functionalities.

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