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food design

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Concepts design

• Design refinement

•  Prototyping

Trizù is a simple sachet of sugar that allows you to choose the amount of sugar to add to your drink simply by tearing off the edge more than your own taste.
The triangular shape and the separation in two portions of the area containing the sugar allow to choose at each corner a different dosage; 1 teaspoon and a half if you tear off the larger corner of Trizù, 1 instead, cook for the 60 ° angle and finally for the more attentive to the line half a teaspoon tearing the smallest 30 ° angle.

Trizù's theorem
Simplicity, form and function = design

The strong recognizably of Trizù technically does not present particular complications as it involves the use of the usual forms of production for the normal sachets of sugar, moreover its aspect of napkin, small sail, or paper airplane embellishes the presentation of the drink and enriches the experience of the coffee ritual.

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