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brand design

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Brand Strategy

• Brand Vision

• Design Guidelines

• Brand Concepts

• Graphic Design refinement

• Advertising Concepts

• Corporate Branding Specifications

Branding is a key factor for the Outdoor industry, in a sector where textiles, materials, manufacturing technologies are shared between major competitors  only 2 factors makes a company stand out from the crowd, first  is Design Authenticity and the and second is Brand Value.

 In this project for Hyungji b-on creative was  given the task to explore the reposition of the   NothCape  Brand  with a  design renewal.

We layout a project in 2 main phases, the first one to propose and identify new brand identities among different design options: what the story of the brand would be and how to convey the messages towards our customers, how   new key values would renovate the whole brand.

Once the Value and Brand Scenario was build we moved on with the second part of the project transforming those unique inputs into several options for the Brand Identity.

In the whole process of rethinking the Brand for us is always central the key factor of the tangible impact on the true products and every options developed was constantly verified  in its design adequacy  towards the company production  portfolio.

By the end of the project we were able to move the old perception of Northcape of an Mid-Range Affordable brand toward a totally new type of entity for  the Outdoor Market shifting the dialog for extreme-performances from the typical Mountain Vertical Challenge towards an Horzontal edge of the World Exploration (the true meaning of NorthCape):  providing a vision for a new way of designing and marketing hi-tech products, functional towards activities that are more suitable with everyday life and urban landscapes as well.

This Strategy would create a new category of Outdoor, something that is not existing yet that it would be the  essence of the new Northcape brand "the everydayout brand"  alias outdoor for everyday usability.

With a vision that would distance the Brand from the typical Alpine storytelling we provided a strategy also for the future design of the lines of hi tech gear to be made  to protect from the elements that the majority of users  encounter in everyday adventures (urban or not urban lifestyle).

Combined with clean cut design the new Brand values have been reshaped in the new Logo and Corporate ID, a concentration of values in a minimal pack that fully represents the Vision for the new Brand: extreme simplicity,

precision, knowledge,  technical quality, minimal Nordic design.

The new NorthCape is the  end of the road, the last point before the emptiness of the Pole, the extreme of all North directions; an horizontal experience built out of cold technology and Scandinavian heritage, a science lab stationed  at the edge of men's land to develop the out-gear for everyday usability.

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