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 design vision

Design Factors:

• Research and Analysis

• Concepts design

• Design refinement


• Final Design Specifications

• Pre-engineering

The ORIGAMI, a lighting design that makes full use of the planarity of the OLED and the nature of its own bladder, looks like a half-opened book, with two light panels attached to a single pillar extending like a stem.

You can easily adjust the intensity and direction of the lighting by opening and closing the panel as you open and close the book.

The outer part of the panel, which serves as a light shade, is laced with wood, which means that the OLED, which represents the latest science, meets the most natural material, wood, to create a glowing ore to create a warm light instead of a cold, mechanical light.

Japanese cedar, teak, Tigrato, Afrormosias, and Wenge ' ORIGAMI is made up of four product lines: a ceiling light of two lengths and two stand-up lights of different heights (1.8m and 2.2m, respectively), each of which is a minimalist outline design, but with a delicate detail creating a strong presence.

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